All teachers of EAL learners are responsible for facilitating access to the curriculum and providing ways to support English language and literacy learning within each learning area  (EALD Teacher Elaborations).

Teachers of EAL learners need to:

  • create and maintain supportive and safe learning environments that are culturally and linguistically inclusive of EAL learners
  • use linguistically and culturally responsive teaching, learning and assessment practices
  • understand the nature of EAL learning progression; and account for the demands of tasks in relation to the learners’ developing English language proficiency
  • explicitly teach the language features of Standard Australian English in the context of the curriculum

ACARA has produced several related publications that support teachers as they develop teaching and learning programs in the Australian Curriculum F-10.   The EAL/D Teacher Resource comprises: an overview of EAL learning, advice for teachers, a Learning Progression, annotated content descriptions for English, Maths, Science and History and annotated examples of student work.

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Intercultural understanding and well being 

  • safe and inclusive environment
  • intercultural understanding
  • valuing learners’ home language

EAL Pedagogy

  • culturally and linguistically responsive
  • scaffolding  strategies
  • explicit teaching  of language
  • teaching language in context
  • task design and assessment
  • practice, preparation and revision

Assessment for learning

  • purpose of assessment for learning
  • case management
  • Language Levels
  • CESA EAL data collection

How language works

  • teaching knowledge about language
  • grammar teaching resources
  • online professional learning modules
  • Composing Written Texts resources

EAL/D Elaborations of Professional  Standards for Teachers 

  • places the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers in the context of teachers who work with EAL learners


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