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EAL/D Elaborations of professional standards for teachers

The EAL/D Elaborations of the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers outline what teachers  working with EAL learners should know and be able to do.

EAL/D Elaborations

The Australian Council of TESOL Associations (ACTA) has produced elaborations of the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers. The elaborations provide support and scaffolding for teachers to apply the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers when working with learners of English as an additional Language or Dialect (EAL/D learners, also known as ESL learners).

Who can make use of the EAL/D Standards Elaborations?
The EAL/D Elaborations provide guidance for all teachers and leaders catering for EAL learners, including EAL specialists.
They are intended for:

  • Classroom teachers across all learning areas, since they are responsible for facilitating EAL learners’ access to the curriculum and providing ways to support their English language learning within the learning area
  • EAL specialists, responsible for both targeted EAL classroom teaching and specialised support for mainstream teachers and leaders in effectively working with EAL learners
  • Curriculum coordinators and other lead teachers, responsible for equitable curriculum access for all students and for initiating program evaluation and development and professional learning for colleagues

The EAL Elaborations emphasise the importance of accessing EAL and intercultural knowledge sources – from official EAL education websites to colleagues and family or community representatives.

What are the aims of the EAL/D Elaborations?

The aims of the EAL/D Elaborations are to maximise support for EAL learners by informing:

  • teacher practice and professional learning goals
  • staffing considerations in addressing the needs of EAL learners
  • whole-school practice
  • pre-service teacher courses
  • in-service professional learning programs
  • performance management through the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers


What do you consider to be the essential attributes of a teacher of EAL learners?


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