Schools that use ceSIS

There are some students missing from the EAL data.  Do I add these as a ‘new case’? 

Yes, identify them as an EAL case by creating a ‘new case’ as per Step 5 in the guide.

I need to add languages/cultural backgrounds etc for some of the EAL learners.  Can I  add this to the ceSIS student information, and will it automatically update in my EAL student data page??  

Yes, you can work with your ceSIS school admin person to update student information.  Allow 24 hours for the update to be reflected in the EALDAT reports.

How can I show that the students speaks more than one language in addition to English.

In ceSIS you can record:

  1. “Main language” which means that language spoken by the student (as per the enrolment form)
  2. “Main language spoken at home” which is usually based on what language the parents indicate on the enrolment form that  they speak.
  3. Also, under the Religious and Cultural Details tab, information about other languages spoken can be recorded.

Is there a place in ceSIS to record students as refugees?

When a student’s visa subclass number is recorded on enrolment, the relevant Refugee and Humanitarian visa number will identify them  as such.  There is also a ‘check box’ under Religious and Cultural Details>Visa Details to ‘tick’ as Refugee.  This is entered by the school ceSIS administrator; please ensure this box is only ‘ticked’ if the student entered Australia with a visa that is eligible for SACCS refugee funding.

What do we do if we want another person in the school to be able to enter EAL data and access the EALDAT?

Place a CESA Service Desk request for access indicating that the person has the principal’s approval to access the dataset.

I am having problems with ceSIS.

  1. check the ceSIS guide for EAL teachers
  2. place an ICT Help Request with CESA ICT Service Centre on 1300 CESA ICT (1300237242)
  3. If it is urgent, contact Kathy Jackson ceSIS/SEQTA Implementation & Support officer: 8301 6824

For this year’s 2020 Semester 1 refugee funding will it be determined from their 2019 entry OR do I need to enter the student’s current level on ceSIS for 2020 ?

For the 2020 refugee data collection, you need to enter the students’ current level in ceSIS for 2020 as per Step 6: EAL Case Details in the ceSIS Guide for EAL teachers.    From the drop down menu select the Year 2020 and then select the Semester 1 Level.  If you want to assess the student again before the end of Term 2, you can just select the updated level in Semester 1.

Schools that do NOT use ceSIS – but use ceSIM (CESA Student Import Manager) 

Is it correct the the Business Manager and ICT person must first populate the reporting system with the information about our EALD Students?

The person who is most likely to have access to ceSIM (CESA Student Import Manager)  will need to download the EAL template from the templates download section and populate it with all the EAL/refugee student information before passing it to the EAL focus teacher to add the assessed language proficiency levels.   Once that has been done , return it to the Business manager/ICT to upload it to the relevant collection on ceSIM.  My understanding is that this is similar to the process for providing naplan data.   

HINTS for successful uploading

  • ensure that students’ First and Last Name, DOB and gender remain consistent between uploads.  The system uses this data to check whether this is an existing student or not. If yes, it updates the existing student; if there’s no matching record then it will create a new student.   If alterations to the name or DOB have been made to an existing student, a double record will be created.  
  • do no alter/change the column labels in the template (alterations cause issues with the upload)
  • ensure that all the Mandatory data is entered – refer to the Data Dictionary tab
    • NB  some data dictionaries indicate that the Visa Issue Date and Visa Number is Mandatory.  However this has been changed so that, whilst it is preferable, if you do not have that information, you can leave it blank.

When we ‘upload’ the spreadsheet via ceSIM for the term/semester 1 Refugee funding,  we won’t have oral levels for the Receptions because I assess them in Term 2. What should I do?

For your new Receptions who are not refugee students, don’t put them on the template at all until term 2, when you will assess them.  Then, in term 2, for the annual data collection, add the Receptions to the template. For the students who are on the template, you need to record a level for every student.  We suggest that you use red for the last known/2019 English Proficiency Level and black for the current/2020 assessed Level  (or whatever colour you prefer) to help you distinguish which year the student was last assessed.

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